The Power of Customer Data for a Small Business


In the middle of 2016, a Hotze Health & Wellness Center employee came back to work after breakfast at Kolache Factory and told the staff that she had just experienced the coolest, most effortless loyalty program. She thought that it was a perfect solution for their center, a collection of three wellness businesses under one roof in Texas, including a holistic medical practice, a vitamin shop, and a compounding pharmacy. Brenda Gonzalez, Project Manager, decided to give it a closer look and reached out to Thanx for more information.

The Challenge: Using Customer Data as a Small Business

“As a natural medical business that doesn’t accept insurance, it’s critical for us to put the focus on our customers and their happiness. I always wanted to understand our customers better, but because we are three different businesses with three different POS systems, it was virtually impossible to know lifetime spend,” said Brenda. “There really was no way to bring together data from our systems and even if we did, it wouldn’t be actionable,” she added.

Finding a Perfect Fit

But as soon as Brenda learned more about Thanx, she knew it was a perfect solution for the Hotze Health & Wellness Center. From the ease of implementation to the ease of use for both customers and staff, Thanx makes it simple for businesses to collect data and launch automated campaigns, which was valuable to the center. “The fact that we get customer data every time our customers swipe their credit cards means that we don’t have to worry about integration with our POS systems. We don’t have a large or technical staff, so that type of project would have been prohibitive anyway. The fact that Thanx campaigns are automated to run behind the scenes is great. Thanx seems to have been custom-built for the requirements of our business.”

Launching the Program

Within weeks of signing up for service, Hotze Health & Wellness Center’s loyalty program was live. Understanding that a loyalty program would only be effective with a large membership base, the center took advantage of marketing it as much as possible. In addition to in-store marketing materials, they installed the Thanx widget on their website and puts promo cards in all shipments. “Customers were very receptive to signing up for Thanx,” Brenda said. “They loved that we wanted to reward them for their loyalty.”

Activating Their Data: Campaigns with Thanx

The Hotze Health & Wellness Center quickly activated automated campaigns within Thanx, including VIP, Winback, Special Offers and Birthday, to drive more business. “We quickly saw the results of engaging our loyalty members.  We love that we have dashboards to track how our campaigns are performing and see campaign results in real time. We saw redemption rates of 33% on our special offer campaigns because we were able to segment our customers and send people promotions that were more relevant to them. We would never see that high a rate on a non-targeted offer.”

Customer Feedback

In addition to increasing check sizes and visit frequency, Thanx has enabled the Hotze Health & Wellness Center to understand its customers better through customer feedback and NPS, which is collected directly in the app by prompting customers to leave feedback after every transaction. Brenda notes, “Being able to respond to feedback and even include an award to make up for a bad experience, or thank someone for positive feedback, has really helped solidify our customers’ loyalty. It has had additional positive effects on our customer service. Because we celebrate great feedback internally, morale has improved and we all think about how we can improve service every day.”

As a customer-first business, the Hotze Health & Wellness Center is thrilled that it has found a partner in Thanx that can help continually engage and inspire its customers to stay loyal. Brenda adds, “When I see just how much revenue our best customers bring to Hotze, there is no doubt that loyalty pays off.”