Job Shadow Shows Why Culture Matters For Silicon Valley Companies

Four Dartmouth students share their perspective on what they learned visiting Thanx for one day — including the importance of culture as a predictor of Silicon Valley companies’ success.

Students visit Thanx

Sometimes, it’s nice when other people validate the hard work you put into making sure your company has a culture that puts Silicon Valley companies on a path toward success.

Read below to see how four Dartmouth students described the Thanx culture during a one-day visit for Dartmouth’s annual “job shadow” event. We’re proud of what we’ve built and certainly excited to see other people feel the same way.

Culture Matters For Silicon Valley Companies Like Thanx

The below are all direct quotes from the four Dartmouth students who came to visit Thanx. 


“I had a wonderful time shadowing at Thanx. I was able to speak with heads of sales, product management, and marketing, in addition to several other team members, to learn about their exact job responsibilities. I was surprised at how willing everyone was to share their insights about their respective fields as well as their advice for the aspiring young professional. During the day, I was also challenged to think critically about the company’s product and how marketing strategies drive the growth of the business unique job shadow experience. Everyone I spoke to had a great passion for the innovative vision behind Thanx, and it was great to see a culture that takes professional development seriously. An amazing place to learn about the tech world and entrepreneurship.”


“Coming to Thanx, I had a lot of skepticism, concerning whether the product would be suitable in the competitive market. After just a couple hours talking to several other members of the Thanx family, I was sold, seeing how the service Thanx provides to businesses in all kinds of industries can be advantageous to both business owners and their customers. In addition to my learning, I was awed by the community I found at the company. People were beyond welcoming, passionate entrepreneurs, and all top talents within their field of expertise. I learned so much during the job shadow and am extremely appreciative of the experience.”


“Today at Thanx I learned what the day-to-day life is actually like at a tech company. I loved how open and honest the team was with us about their experiences and positions at Thanx. Ranging from a junior salesman to the CEO, a series of people at the company offered us advice and explained their career paths, including how and why they got to Thanx. One piece of advice that resonated with me was learning how to market to businesses by looking at their point of view and truly understanding their persona. I also learned what loyalty programs for business requires and the troubles that these businesses face. The overall transparency made the environment super comfortable and helped me get a real feel for what working at a tech company entails. It was such a great, insightful experience!”


“After a quick round of introductions and tour around the Thanx office, it was clear that this job shadowing opportunity would be unlike many others. Our time in the office was maximized by conversations with various members of the Thanx family- conversations of unusual candor and relevance about the kind of questions college student might have regarding career paths and particular roles. I found the interactive challenges we were tasked with to be equally insightful, prompting me to think and try my hand at marketing from a perspective of who the business is and customers are. Throughout the day, it became clear that Thanx’s culture is a unique work environment where appreciation, growth, and creativity are fostered. Every team member at Thanx was very warm and welcoming, as well as passionate about the vision of Thanx. I had a lot of takeaways from this job shadow opportunity and had a memorable time.”

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If you’re interested in seeing for yourself what life at Thanx would be like for you, please visit our jobs page. We’re actively hiring across all departments, as our company is growing extremely quickly and we need top talent to join us as soon as possible. Huge Thanx to Kathy, Kenneth, Laya, and Lillian for sharing their honest opinions about their day-in-the-life (a day-in-the-life we get to experience Monday through Friday : ).  And, of course, another huge Thanx to Smitten Ice Cream for a delicious dessert, awesome loyalty program, and the perfect backdrop for our team photo.