Boost Customer Engagement and Retention with Loyalty Tiers

Loyalty Tiers from Thanx

Today we’re excited to announce a new addition to the Thanx suite of automated customer engagement tools that will help our merchants turbocharge their customer engagement and retention – Loyalty Tiers.

Loyalty Tiers will help merchants create a long lasting relationship with customers and build brand affinity by offering monetary and/or experience-based rewards to stay top of mind with their best customers.

A few highlights of Loyalty Tiers include:

  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers to allow customers to achieve long-term status with your brand
  • Experience-based rewards to keep your customers coming back.  Knowing they will get the royal treatment at your business makes it an easy choice to choose yours vs your competitor
  • Option to offer a rewards accelerator during certain periods of time to increase foot traffic and visit frequency during your slow periods

Customer Engagement Loyalty Tiers from Thanx


Personalizing every interaction you have with your customers to keep them engaged and coming back to your business is our top priority. Loyalty Tiers will enable you to reward your best customers in meaningful ways that will generate revenue and ROI for your business while creating a loyal fan base.

To learn more, request a demo and put the power of Thanx to work for your business.