5 Ways to Get More Customers Into Your Loyalty Program

How to get more customers into your loyalty program

The most successful loyalty programs all have one thing in common: a ton of customers!

Prioritizing customer signups is the number one way to drive ROI and reap the full value of retention and loyalty marketing. With more customers enrolled, you get more data to execute personalized marketing, which drastically increases overall engagement and sales.

Below are the five easiest, most powerful ways to get more customers and drastically increase your subscriber base.

1) Train your staff about the importance of getting more loyal customers

Your best customers come into your stores every day. While in-store promotional collateral can be effective, the best method to engage customers is through a well-trained staff. By implementing an effective training program, multi-location merchants boost and sustain weekly signups by 6x!

Remember that part of an effective training approach is keeping initiatives top of mind. Educate employees about a concise Q&A flow to drive more sign-ups, and then support this learning by inserting a summary of loyalty best practices in your employee manual or handbook. From there, post a 1-page “Cliff Notes” type document near checkout stations for easy reference.

2) Embed sign-up calls to action prominently on your website

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply engage customers in places they are already visiting. Call attention to your loyalty program on your website and get more customers by giving them an easy way to instantly join.

We’ve seen particular success when sign-up links are added to a merchant’s homepage or online ordering form. In fact, our partners who prominently display their sign-up link drive on average a 4x increase in weekly signups!

3) Send consistent email announcements about the benefits of your loyalty program

Email management is one of the best tools of communication in a business’s arsenal. Utilize email to its full potential, and drive signup boosts by sending consistent email announcements.

Merchants who send bi-monthly announcements see a 3-5x increase in signups that week.

4) Incentivize your managers to get more customers with specific sign-up goals

Effective staff training is an excellent starting point, so consider adding an extra incentive to excite staff and managers and build more momentum. Closely track location-specific signups, and set goals for your staff to hit. Combined with training, a staff incentive campaign spikes signups by as much as 300%!

Here’s a video where you can hear exactly how one multi-location merchant found success incentivizing managers to hit loyalty program sign-up goals.

5) Run limited time campaigns to deliver explosive growth spikes

Steady signups are important, but who doesn’t love an explosive growth week?

So, create a limited-time, high-value incentive for joining your program and invite a steep increase in signups. A recent Thanx merchant utilized our “Super Sign up” tool to grow their user base by 97% in just 2 days!

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