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Our Customers

Leading innovators trust Thanx.

Headshot of Matt Smith from Tocaya Organica for Thanx
Thanx accelerated our launch to make it viable in the middle of a crisis. Digital ordering revenue has been a huge boon to us and we’ve also recently brought digital purchasing at the Tableside to our in-restaurant experience as well.

Matt Smith, Chief Marketing Officer
Tocaya Organica

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Headshot of Chris Baccus for Thanx
This partnership has been invaluable in not only offering our top guests a best-in-class shopping experience but in driving loyalty and engagement with contactless perks throughout the pandemic.

Chris Baccus, Vice President, Digital Marketing & Advertising

Headshot of Stacie Colburn Hayes for Thanx
Our focus on digital has provided the critical foundation to survive the pandemic. Without Thanx, we’d be relying on in-store marketing, which doesn’t currently exist. Instead, we are maximizing existing channels and pivoting to meet consumers where they are.

Stacie Colburn Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer
Oath Pizza

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Headshot of Billy Schaming for Thanx
Now more than ever, our Customers want a “touchless” transaction; our app and loyalty programs provide a solution for these Customers. We reached out to Thanx to provide new in-app digital purchasing options; they delivered on our request within days!

Billy Schaming, President & COO
Crew Carwash

Headshot of Catey Mark Meyers for Thanx
Before we worked with Thanx, our marketing approach was largely focused on our brand, our creative, and traditional tactics. Thanx’s easy-to-use marketing tools allowed us to start experimenting with new segments and targeted campaigns which has led to higher ROI. We are now on the path to becoming more data-driven marketers.

Catey Mark Meyers, President

Headshot of Otto Othman for Thanx
Without Thanx, we’d be fighting an uphill battle. We are grateful to have excellent customer data and a best-in-class digital ordering experience.

Otto Othman, CEO and Co-founder

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