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Merchant Spotlight — Mixt
mixt logo
Mixt Greens ditched their underperforming plastic card-based loyalty program for a mobile app with Thanx.
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customer story david silverglide
We have learned more about our customers and their habits in 3 months with Thanx than in 7 years with punch and plastic cards. Thanx gives us an actionable data set, lets us incentivize customers in new ways, and ensures that our most loyal customers stay that way. At its core, Thanx is the CRM solution our industry has never had before."
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tomatina logo
Tomatina needed to engage and retain their best customers — without the hassle of punch cards or plastic cards
customer testimonials maura feingold
People want things immediately, carrying around an old loyalty card where you’re punching things or swiping things... that’s not our reality anymore. Being able to have customers come in, swipe their card, and immediately get points without even thinking about it has been really great.”
lou malnati's logo
The famous Chicago deep-dish chain needed a world-class partner to take their decade-old loyalty program to the next level.
customer testimonials mindy kaplan
We needed a world-class partner to take our decade-old loyalty program to the next level — and that’s exactly what we found in Thanx. Previously our customers had to carry around a plastic card — which most forgot to do. Now all they have to do is pay as usual and the Lou Malnati’s app automatically informs them of their next reward. In addition, Thanx made it easy for them to quickly identify nearby locations and even order a pizza right from within the app."
2nd time around logo
2nd Time Around wanted a better way to communicate with their customers & share time-sensitive deals.
customer testimonials kristin kohler burrows
At 2nd Time Around, we are constantly searching for ways to connect and engage with our customers better—across every touch point. And, through those interactions, learn more about the customer so we can simply serve them better. The Thanx Branded App connects us to our most loyal customers through direct one-to-one mobile communication. With the Thanx Branded App, we benefit from actionable data, on-demand push notifications, real-time Net Promoter Scores (NPS) tied to customer lifetime value, and detailed customer segmentation. It’s important for us to know exactly how much money each customer spends and precisely how satisfied they are after each visit… and now we actually can.”
dewey's pizza logo
Dewey’s prioritized a loyalty program that its customers actually love, while driving 9X ROI on marketing initiatives.
deweys makes customers more loyal
customer testimonials david igel
Being an upscale pizzeria, we’re very discount-cautious. We don’t want to be lumped in with other companies who offer freebies to everyone. With Thanx, we’re rewarding our already-engaged customers, not discount-seekers. It’s nice to be able to present rewards only to loyal guests and getting an achievable return on investment to drive revenue through frequency and redemption.”
wash me fast logo
Wash Me Fast needed a way to gather actionable customer data fast in a throughput-driven business.
customer testimonials jimmy starnes
With Thanx, we can finally know who our most loyal customers are! More importantly, we now have tools to engage with them directly and make sure they are happy and keep coming back. The data we are beginning to collect through Thanx is fantastic. Every time we learn something new, we just want more and more!”
susiecakes logo
SusieCakes wanted to delight their customers with personalized communication and sweet rewards.
customer testimonials susan sarich
We evaluated a number of loyalty solutions on the market, but everything we looked at forced consumers to participate in extra steps. We didn’t want to complicate the experience. Rewards should be easy and fun — and that’s what Thanx delivers with our custom SusieFavors program.”
project juice logo
Project Juice keeps their VIPs juiced with targeted offers, delivered directly to their smartphones.
customer testimonials gregory malsin
Though we previously used a traditional paper card program, we constantly sought a replacement — our staff and customers both disliked the hassle, and we had no way of learning anything useful about our customers. With Thanx, we have access to detailed information about customer behavior across all our locations, and can use this insight to our advantage. With one click, we can identify lucrative customer segments and send out targeted campaigns with measurable ROI. Our VIP campaign in particular has been terrific — it makes our best customers feel more special and that makes all the difference.”
mina group logo
Mina Group created a loyalty solution that matched the elegance of their restaurant experience.
customer testimonials mollie allick
We chose Thanx because we needed an innovative way to engage our valued guests without disrupting their dining experience. The data and insights we can collect through Thanx allows us to effortlessly enhance the Mina experience. We are able to send more targeted, relevant offers and introduce our VIP guests to new concepts, dining hours, and exclusive events — all while measuring the efficacy of these marketing efforts.”
picklemans logo
Picklemans needed the value of a loyalty program to speak for itself.
customer testimonials kendall pearl
We had wanted to implement a loyalty program for a long time, but couldn’t find a solution that all our franchise owners would embrace. Thanx solved this problem by providing detailed and up-to-date reports that displayed revenue and ROI increases in clear terms. In just 6 months, we have already seen higher average check sizes and increased revenue. Plus — our most pleasant surprise — we successfully increased Wednesday traffic; something we had tried and failed to do many times before.”
showmars logo
Showmars wields Thanx as its “secret weapon”.
customer testimonials david prosser
If I could wish for one thing to help my business, it would be more hours in the day to get more things accomplished. Fortunately, I’ve asked my Merchant Success Manager Caroline to, ‘Make sure that I don’t have to do anything,’ and she’s pretty good about doing just that. Thanx helps free up my time, as I can lean on my client success manager and focus on other day-to-day responsibilities. As a multi-location business targeting customers that seek out exceptional service, we need actionable insight to help us put our best foot forward. Thanx gives us that ability and has been a significant partner and secret weapon. We can reward customers according to their personal tastes and have increased average check size per visit by 37%.”
shenaniganz logo
Shenaniganz uses Thanx to send targeted, personalized offers — and win back lapsed and infrequent customers.
customer testimonials parker coddington
As an entertainment center, we see a lot of traffic on holidays and for special occasions, and have always wanted to drive more regular visits from our customers. We use social media and email, but struggled to understand how these campaigns impacted customer behavior. Now, with Thanx, we have finally been able to get a true understanding of how every customer interacts with our brand. Thanx’s data and reporting have allowed us to send more targeted offers and gain a precise understanding of ROI and lifetime value. We have been blown away at the power of tools like Winback — a phenomenal solution to re-engage our at-risk customers.”
anthony's coal fired pizza logo
Anthony’s delivers seriously good pizza, so naturally they needed a loyalty program that delivered serious ROI.
customer testimonials anthony’s coal fired pizza
We launched Thanx with the goal of engaging our most valuable customers and driving increases in frequency and spending. Within just a few months of the program launch, we have already seen real results in average check size and monthly frequency! Thanx provided great insights about our customer base and their dining habits. We were so excited by these early results, that we expanded to more locations!”
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