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Why Thanx?

Marketing Case Studies

Best practices to increase sales 30—50% and improve customer satisfaction
Replaced Plastic Cards
+461% More Loyalists, +54% Frequency
Learn how Mixt Greens replaced a plastic card program to increase program membership by 461%.
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Personalized Marketing
+30% Sales, +18% Frequency
Patxi’s Pizza used personalization to not only grow sales 30%, but also drive more traffic during lunch.
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Timeshift To New Day
+26% Sales, +42% Overspend
Using “double progress Wednesdays,” Pickleman’s transformed Wednesday into one of its busiest days.
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Directly Engaged VIP's
+54% Sales, +155% Overspend
Once Project Juice upgraded to Thanx from a punch card program, average sale per visit increased 54%–155%.
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Supercharge Sign-Ups
+1500 New Sign-Ups
The Ruby Slipper took their sign-ups to the next level by using a multi-layered strategy.
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Won Back Lost Customers
+542% ROI, +132% Frequency
With access to actionable data, Shenaniganz changed the nature of frequency across all its Texas-based entertainment centers.
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Responded To Feedback
+37% Sales, +70% Overspend
By improving communication and transparency for both customers and employees, Showmars dramatically increased sales.
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Effortless Marketing
Download all marketing case studies to learn how to grow sales 25—50% and drastically improve satisfaction.
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