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Fast Casual / QSR

Thanx is the only loyalty app that keeps fast casual customers delighted and loyal.

Fast Casual and QSR Loyalty Program App
A loyalty program shouldn't slow down the lunch line. Thanx keeps your fast casual customers happy and loyal, while providing your business with powerful customer data and insights.
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Featured Fast Casual Partners
Mixt Greens ditched their underperforming plastic card-based loyalty program for a mobile app with Thanx.
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customer story david silverglide
We have learned more about our customers and their habits in 3 months with Thanx than in 7 years with punch and plastic cards. Thanx gives us an actionable data set, lets us incentivize customers in new ways, and ensures that our most loyal customers stay that way. At its core, Thanx is the CRM solution our industry has never had before."
Picklemans needed the value of a loyalty program to speak for itself.
customer testimonials kendall pearl
We had wanted to implement a loyalty program for a long time, but couldn’t find a solution that all our franchise owners would embrace. Thanx solved this problem by providing detailed and up-to-date reports that displayed revenue and ROI increases in clear terms. In just 6 months, we have already seen higher average check sizes and increased revenue. Plus — our most pleasant surprise — we successfully increased Wednesday traffic; something we had tried and failed to do many times before.”
Showmars wields Thanx as its “secret weapon”.
customer testimonials david prosser
If I could wish for one thing to help my business, it would be more hours in the day to get more things accomplished. Fortunately, I’ve asked my Merchant Success Manager Caroline to, ‘Make sure that I don’t have to do anything,’ and she’s pretty good about doing just that. Thanx helps free up my time, as I can lean on my client success manager and focus on other day-to-day responsibilities. As a multi-location business targeting customers that seek out exceptional service, we need actionable insight to help us put our best foot forward. Thanx gives us that ability and has been a significant partner and secret weapon. We can reward customers according to their personal tastes and have increased average check size per visit by 37%.”
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Case Studies
Replaced Plastic Cards
+461% More Loyalists, +54% Frequency
Learn how Mixt Greens replaced a plastic card program to increase program membership by 461%.
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Timeshift To New Day
+26% Sales, +42% Overspend
Using “double progress Wednesdays,” Pickleman’s transformed Wednesday into one of its busiest days.
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Responded To Feedback
+37% Sales, +70% Overspend
By improving communication and transparency for both customers and employees, Showmars dramatically increased sales.
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