Thanx Exclusive Deals

Drive revenue within your loyalty app

Groupons and other discounting sites appear to discount seekers. Merchants can’t track whether these offers continue to bring customers back after the coupon is redeemed. Thanx Exclusive Deals allows merchants to reserve their best offers for loyalty members and allows them to track purchases back to customers in order to understand the effect that discounts or deals have on frequency, spend, and more.

Thanx Exclusive Deals in Action

Billy is a loyal customer that brings his car to Joe’s Carwash every weekend. Joe’s Carwash loves having Billy as a loyal customer and wants to lock in his business and reward him for being a great customer. They give him the opportunity to purchase a washbook, in the app at a discounted rate, as part of their Exclusive Deals offerings. Billy purchases the washbook and is happy to know that he got a great deal from his favorite spot. To redeem this deal, he simply goes into the app when he’s at the register and clicks ‘redeem.’ Joe’s Carwash is happy because they’ve secured Joe’s next 5 washes (and generated some upfront cash). Exclusive Deals drives revenue, right in the app, and keeps a loyal customer from trying out the competition.