Frequently Asked Questions

Can my customers get credit for cash transactions?

Yes. Customers simply upload their cash receipts to the Thanx app to receive reward progress. Of course, the best experience for your customers is when they use their linked credit card since progress happens automatically with absolutely no extra steps.

Does Thanx integrate with our POS?

The magic of Thanx is that you don’t need to integrate with your POS. You get better customer intelligence than you would from any other marketing platform without ever having to (1) touch your point-of-sale, (2) introduce additional hardware, or (3) ask customers to go through extra steps at checkout.

However, if you are an enterprise customer and item-level data is important to you, we can work with you on an integration.

What do you do to help promote our program?

Our Merchant Success team helps you promote your program by producing marketing materials for in-store distribution, adding sign-up fields onto your website, strategizing about best practices, and employee training. Thanx has you covered.

How willing are customers to give up their credit card information?

Extremely. At most merchants, more than 80% of consumers complete loyalty registration (including linking at least one credit/debit card) — which is nearly 2x higher than the registration rate of traditional plastic card loyalty programs.

Thanx uses the same technology, “tokenization,” implemented by Apple for Apple Pay — and we’ve been using it for 2 more years than Apple! What’s cool about Thanx is that customers actually never “share” their credit card information. Thanx works without ever seeing, knowing, or storing any customer’s credit card information.

What other merchants do you work with in our area?

Thanx works with thousands of businesses across the United States — and adds more every day.  You can see our current merchants here:

How much does Thanx cost?

For pricing information, please email our sales team.

How will Thanx impact our employees?

As little as possible. We designed Thanx specifically for multi-location businesses — once you sign up, we provide out-of-the-box tools to streamline employee training and track employee adoption across all your locations. Thanx also eliminates all added steps at checkout for customers, which prevents employees from having to jump through a bunch of extra hoops. There’s no authorizing a “check-in” or scanning a clunky barcode at every single customer visit.

What should I do with my current loyalty program?

Transition it. We’ve transitioned hundreds of businesses from a previous loyalty program to Thanx. We’ve got the process down to a science, with a track record of converting 90% of loyal customers to your Thanx program just weeks after launch.

Do you handle email marketing as well?

Yes. Thanx can connect to your current email service provider so that you can use purchase and other loyalty data to improve the success of your email marketing. You can also send email messages directly from Thanx by uploading your list of opted-in subscribers.

Why should I discount my brand?

You shouldn’t! Unlike other marketing platforms, Thanx provides tools to personally engage only your best customers in the exact way you want. Offer any incentive you can think of — monetary discount, fabulous branded experiences, personalized item-based rewards — the choice is yours. Thanx makes it happen.

How can I be sure you won’t add operational headaches?

Thanx makes marketing effortless for thousands of businesses across the United States, with support from some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. We exist to eliminate operational headaches.

How are you different than...?

Thanx isn’t a traditional loyalty program. Thanx is a marketing platform that increases customer engagement and loyalty and fosters more beneficial personal relationships between merchants and their best customers. Please see the results on our homepage, as we think they speak for themselves — +7x faster growth, +2.3x customer retention, and +4x better results.

Do you have item level information?

Thanx offers item-level information to help you ascertain who’s buying what and where and when they buy it. This SKU level detail can be a game changer for businesses of all kinds.

Learn more about SKU here.

Read more about it in this post: 3 Ways to Leverage POS and Customer Data to Drive Loyalty

What about my existing customer information?

With Thanx, you own all your data. We upload any pre-existing customer information into the Thanx system to facilitate a seamless transition, and allow you to export your Thanx data any time you like.

Do our customers have to download an app?

Yes. Being mobile is one of the reasons Thanx is so powerful. The beauty of Thanx is that once your customers download the app they don’t need to bring out their phones again. They simply pay as usual with their linked credit card and their transaction is registered automagically.

Do you have a referral program?

If you are an existing customer and would like to refer another business, please email and let us know. Our referral program pays $500 per location, starting at 3 locations, and goes up to $5000.

Do you have additional questions? Contact the Thanx team today.

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