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Jacksons drives repeatable revenue with unlimited memberships.

Jacksons uses Thanx to drive membership into unlimited programs by using customer data to segment and target customers, creating repeatable revenue for the business.

Jacksons uses Thanx to identify customers that are most likely to convert to unlimited membership programs so they can be targeted with personalized messages and campaigns to upgrade.

With help from Thanx, Jacksons drives dramatic increases in revenue and conversions.

400% Increase in revenue
27% Conversion of offer recipients
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Thanx is changing the game in how we create a dependable revenue stream and increase the lifetime value of our customers through highly targeted and relevant marketing of our unlimited plans. The outcome is more engaged and loyal customers that return to Jacksons again and again. Matthew Teneyck, Marketing & Operations Manager Jacksons Car Wash

Targeted campaigns drive unlimited memberships.

Thanx campaigns help Jacksons target customers with relevant incentives to enroll in unlimited plans. Jacksons sends targeted campaigns to existing customers whose spend is nearing the unlimited price threshold. By converting these occasional customers to unlimited, they create a dependable revenue stream and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Segmentation powers conversion to unlimited.

Jacksons uses the customer data in Thanx to identify frequent customers whose spend exceeds the cost of an unlimited subscription. Jacksons is able to send this segment of their customers a customized message and incentive to enroll in an unlimited membership plan. The outcome? A more reliable revenue stream for Jacksons, and cost savings for the customer resulting in more loyalty to the brand.

The world’s best car washes partner with Thanx to create exceptional experiences for their customers.

Learn how you can power compelling customer engagement and loyalty for your car wash.

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