Best-in-class mobile experience.

Thanx has built the best native online ordering experience out there. The modern, easy to use, Instagram-worthy experience speaks for itself. Check out these 4.9 star apps from PINCHO and Oath Pizza. The best part? Making changes won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One-click targeted campaigns & custom campaigns, all included.

Targeted campaigns based on over 40 attributes (LTV, spend, frequency, VIP status, most recent purchase date, preferred day or week-part, favorite item and more) take just a few clicks. Custom campaigns can be set-up in just a few hours at no extra cost.

Transparent, predictable pricing.

We never charge you per redemption because it creates a disincentive to run campaigns that actually work. Lack of billing transparency means monthly reconciliation is a nightmare for accounting. Thanx offers a fixed pricing model so you know exactly what you’ll pay every single month.

Flexible campaigns, feedback and loyalty.

Basic rewards programs don’t deliver customer loyalty. Long-term personalized relationships with your top customers does. Thanx offers flexible programs, like Surprise and Delight, Bankable Rewards, and Tiers that are designed to personalize and engage customers in order to drive brand affinity and real loyalty.

The transition from our previous app experience has been completely seamless for our customers. There was no new app to install and no new enrollment process for loyalty. The best part — our customers no longer have to pull out their phones to earn progress. Rewards progress is tracked automatically.

Otto Othman, CEO and Co-Founder PINCHO View Story

Thanx does all of this. You be the judge of LevelUp’s capabilities.

Basic customer transaction data
Advanced customer transaction data
Complete, consolidated 360 view of the customer
Online and in-store purchases captured automatically
Basic rewards notifications via push and email
Advanced multi-channel engagement
Robust email campaign suite
Automated & free custom user segments
Automated multi-channel campaign creation
Targeted one-click segmented campaign tools
Closed-loop campaign ROI reporting
Basic loyalty: earned, spend and frequency-based
Flexible, experiential loyalty
Redemption without mobile app required
Real-time contextual NPS and open text feedback
Multi-channel real-time response
Critical feedback indicators
Sentiment analysis
Staff NPS
GM location-based permissions
Technology, support and integrations
POS integration
Online ordering integration
SKU integration
No hardware required
Marketing and digital promotions advisor
Training included
No fees to run campaigns
No app maintenance fees
End-user support included

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