Case Study Examples – Videos Analyzing Loyalty Marketing

November 9, 2015
by Margaret Link

Recently, Thanx mobilized some members from its sales and marketing teams to create a few case study examples showing how video can explain abstract concepts such as retention and loyalty marketing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Well, given that’s a video is roughly a thousand pictures, don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say “a million.” That’s why we got our team together to video-illustrate a few of the concepts affecting retention and loyalty marketers.

In these three 30-45 seconds clips, you’ll learn the basics of VIP marketing, how to effectively collect customer feedback, and the benefits of eliminating plastic cards, respectively. For more videos, please go to the Thanx Vimeo page, and for more case studies, our marketing case studies page.

Case Study Examples #1 — VIP

When it comes to VIP marketing, one industry has set the tone for all other brands: the airlines. They have mastered how to create valuable experience for their top customers, which keep those loyalists committed to a particular brand over the long term.

In this video, you’ll see how a VIP experience makes an airline customer’s life that much easier. Lesson learned — especially for brick and mortar brands looking to win, as creating a similar VIP experience can increase sales by more than 45%. That’s effective customer experience management.

For more information, feel free to download the VIP marketing case study now that you have a sense of how “David” has been staying happy on his latest flight.
Case Study Examples – Feedback

The problem with feedback delivered via online review sites is something any business understands. At any minute, an online “troll” can come in and post feedback rooted in not much — other than the reviewer probably being in a bad mood.

Fortunately, brands can get in front of feedback to improve both their customers’ experiences and their online reputation. Check out the above video to see how it’s done, or view the customer feedback case study to see how this approach increases sales more than 40%.

Case Study Examples – Patxi’s Pizza

Annoyed at having more than a few rewards cards in your wallet? Isn’t everyone. That’s why leading pizza brand Patxi’s Pizza went out and did something about it — by creating a loyalty program that doesn’t require any cards or extra steps at checkout — and even works when your phone dies. Talk about effortless marketing.

For more information, view the Patxi’s Case Study to see how cutting out rewards cards resulted in 30% increase in sales and 18% improve in visit frequency.  If you’re looking for more video case study examples, go to the Thanx YouTube or Thanx Vimeo pages, and for more case studies, our marketing case studies page.

Youre’ also welcome to hit us up at success@thanx.com now that you’ve seen us do our best imitation of the Saved by the Bell High Five Freeze Frame.  

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