VIP Campaigns with Thanx: Reward your top customers automatically

by  Margaret Link — Marketing at Thanx Your top customers are responsible for a huge chunk of your reveue. Thanx VIP campaigns automatically identify and engage those top spenders, keeping them happy and loyal long-term. Here’s what makes our VIP so effective and how we’ve improved it recently. One of the major draws of a …

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Revenue Weighted NPS — How feedback becomes more powerful with customer data

Today’s guest blog covers a topic we love at Thanx — Net Promoter Score! Mickey from QuestionPro breaks down the math behind identifying your high-value customers and addressing their feedback. Net Promoter Score is only one piece of the customer data puzzle. Here’s why companies should be linking NPS results to customer transaction data — …

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Apple Pay + Thanx: Seamless Customer Experience

Thanx has always worked with Apple Pay automatically— no additional integrations required. Here’s why we believe that customers should be given options for how to pay when it comes to loyalty programs — and why successful loyalty programs MUST work flawlessly with Apple Pay.

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The Punch Card Problem: How your loyalty program is hurting your VIP customers

Your loyalty program should do more than track and accrue your customer’s loyalty points… modern, data-driven loyalty programs are the future of business intelligence for brick-and-mortar businesses. Here’s why punch cards fall short when it comes to identifying and rewarding your best customers.

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How Offline Retailers can Fight Amazon

Amazon Won the Retail Battle — But Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Use Data to Win the War — Five best practices for offline retailers to compete in Amazon’s world.

As our world continues to shift towards online commerce, offline retailers are watching their market share slip into the hands of sophisticated, data-driven digital retailers. Consequently, retailers have asked themselves how brick-and-mortar stores can win in the age of Amazon, instant gratification, and the proliferation of data.

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How to Build a Loyalty Program that Works

It used to be that walking into a retail establishment and being given some form of a discount, special offer, or free sample was a unique and appreciated moment. Now, as customers, we expect a reward in return for our consistent business. We sign up for rewards cards, loyalty programs, email discounts, mobile coupons … anything for the extra savings.

On the merchant side, this is all summed into two words: customer loyalty. But with big brands building customized applications, credit card loyalty programs, and more, how do small businesses keep up? How do we measure the return on investment on something as basic as a punchcard?

That’s what this resource will extensively cover. We’ll go through what some of the top brand loyalty programs look like, dig into data proof, and end with how to make it all happen on a small budget.

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