Car Wash Research To Beat the Competition

By Margaret Link

Recently, Thanx did a car wash research deep dive to uncover best practices for increasing sales during the various seasons and beating out the competition.

usiness that’s highly competitive — every single sale means a customer chose me over a nearby competitor — and I’m prepared to differentiate exclusively on awareness and service. When customers think “car wash,” they’ll think of me; when customers experience my brand, they’ll make a concerted effort to come backThat’s how I’m going to win. 

The webinar How To Max Out Car Wash Sales During the Winter Months — and Beat the Competition explains exactly how to succeed under these circumstances. With in-depth research from across the car wash industry, viewers can learn how to use marketing to develop a competitive advantage, and adapt to constantly changing conditions like weather, temperature, and slower days of the week.

Highlighted Competitive Car Wash Research

— You can download all the slides from the presentation by clicking on the image above —

When it comes to competitive car wash marketing, one stat matters more than any other: 66% of total car washes come from just 28% of customers. Just like the restaurant and retail industries, a small group of customers holds a significant amount of power. This shouldn’t really be a surprise — the  80/20 Pareto Principle affects anybody focused on customer experience management.

Here’s why this research is important: car washes have to identify these high value loyalists and personalize their experiences. That’s the only way to retain their business long term. Losing a customer in the “Heavy Users” category is not an option.

Highlighted Customer Loyalty Car Wash Research

— You can download all the slides from the presentation by clicking on the image above —

To build customer loyalty, every brand in the entire universe has the same goal: change customer behavior. Find infrequent customers who spend a lot of money, and encourage them to visit more often. Spur a previously loyal customer to become “won back” and return to his or her previous spending habits. Convert a first-time customer into a repeat one. That’s the name of the game.

Above is one example why this perspective is so important. Car wash brands should be searching for every opportunity they can to change customer behavior in their favor, and there’s no better opportunity than filling empty slots during slow times of the week — while also reducing long lines during the busiest times. Tactics like timeshift add immediate incremental sales while still reducing costs. That’s the beauty of an effective loyalty program.

More Car Wash Research

For more information on creating a competitive advantage in the car wash industry, or how to personally engage car wash customers, please view the presentation below.

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