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The Challenge – Change Customer Behavior to Visit During a Different Part of the Week

Elephants Deli wanted to get their daily weekday breakfast and lunch customers to visit on the weekend. They wanted to change customer behavior to visit on a different day of the week (the weekend) and promote brunch at their Corbett Ave. location.

By looking at their week-part data in Thanx, Elephants noticed that the majority of their traffic is during the weekdays. Most customers visit one of their seven locations throughout the Portland area to pick up their coffee and breakfast or lunch on the way to, and during the workday.

Elephants also noted from their data in Thanx that although their Corbett Ave. location is one of their most successful in terms of number of transactions and number of Thanx customer loyalty members, it is in a neighborhood and doesn’t get a lot of weekend traffic.

The Solution

Based on their Thanx week-part and customer data, Elephants Deli decided to send a targeted day-shift offer to change customer behavior and promote brunch to their weekday customers.

Elephants used learnings from a previous offer they tested of a 10% off vs a 20% off promotion, so they knew that a 20% off promotion appealed more to their customer base.

Elephants sent out a targeted email and SMS push notification on Friday to customers who had made previous purchases at one of their other locations on the weekdays to come for brunch during a weekend in July. Elephants sent the email and push notification with the 20% off promotion right before the weekend so Elephants would be top of mind with customers as they made their weekend plans. With this targeted offer, Elephants sent the right message at the right time to the right person.

The Results

Elephants immediately saw a spike in their weekend brunch traffic at the Corbett Ave location increasing it overall by 43% over the previous month. They also saw a 50% increase in their Thanx customer loyalty member sign-ups. An unexpected outcome of the offer was that they received direct feedback from these customers after they made their purchase. This feedback included feedback about the brunch offering and helped Elephants quantify that customers enjoyed their experience.

Elephants Deli case study results

By the second weekend of the promotion, Elephants noticed that the initial enthusiasm for the offer had tapered off a bit. They sent a second “reminder email” to let folks know that the offer was expiring soon. Thanx enabled Elephants to send this email directly from the platform (no ESP required) and it did not include any direct offer, it only reminded customers that the offer was still going on. and immediately saw another spike in their weekend brunch traffic at the Corbett Ave. location. Elephants learned that staying top of mind with their customers drives behavior.

The brunch day-part offer was a success and helped Elephants shape their strategy to do more targeted day-part and week-part offers to their loyal customer base.

Wrap up

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