The Thanx Marketing Report answers all of these questions about your business:

  • What percent of my customers are super loyal, regulars, and at-risk?
  • What percent of my customers visit more than once?
  • How does average check differ across my locations?
  • How does my weekday traffic compare to weekend traffic?
  • What percent of my customers shop at more than one location?
  • Are my top customers by revenue contribution generally those who spend more or visit more often?
  • What percent of my revenue is generated by VIPs?
  • Most Important — What should I do about it?
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The Thanx eBook 6 Critical Stats for Customer Loyalty analyzes millions and millions of purchases from multi-location businesses across the country. Findings include:

  • The top 25% of customers contribute more than 66% of a business’s total revenue.
  • Less than 30% of retail and restaurant customers visit more than once within a six-month timeframe.
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Get a customized Marketing Report for your business

An information-rich report, tailored just for your business. Get actionable advice to improve your:


Customer Retention

Find out which customers are at-risk of not coming back.


Customer Spending

Identify customer cohorts by contribution to total revenue.


Best/Worst Locations

Learn which locations outperform others.

Want help improving your Marketing Report?

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve the metrics detailed in the marketing report, please email us and we’ll get right back to you. We’re happy to help you figure out how to improve your customer marketing to see better results at your business.

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