Case Study: Patxi’s Pizza Loyalty Program

By Margaret Link

Loyalty360 article reveals how Patxi’s increased transaction volume and spend averages

Patxi’s Pizza, a regional pizza brand based in California, has seen tremendous recent success. Named the 24th Fastest Growing Food & Beverage Company in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine, a recent interview details how the Patxi’s Pizza loyalty program has driven success.

Leading loyalty publication Loyalty360 recently sat down with Robert Notte, Chief Technology Officer for Patxi’s, and Silvana Porceddu, Marketing Manager for Patxi’s, to talk about loyalty and its effect on Patxi’s business. The article, titled “Patxi’s Pizza Provides Customers with Unforgettable Experiences,” contains several best practices any business looking to improve its customer retention strategy should put into practice.

Here’s a look at some of the key Patxi’s quotations and what they illustrate about loyalty in general. 

“We discovered that we had a really small, but high value group of loyalists who contributed a huge amount of the overall spend at Patxi’s.”

Crazy how often the 80/20 rule pops up in business – it’s no different for restaurants and retailers. All businesses looking to structure an effective loyalty program should make sure that they can identify high-value customers and provide these individuals with a rewarding experience that ensures they return.  

“We define loyalty as deepening the relationship between our guests and Patxi’s.”

Too often, merchants mistake “loyalty” for “giving customers cash.” Patxi’s speaks to how merchants should envision and build more effective retention programs. Merchants need to balance monetary and non-monetary incentives and focus on providing customers with an overall superior experience. Patxi’s definition of loyalty embodies the whole point of creating a loyalty program in the first place.

“Loyalty has evolved with the progression of mobile and integrative credit card technologies.”

Patxi’s realizes that stagnation is the enemy of long-term success. The company embraces new technology to hone loyalty and communication. Other merchants should follow suit by structuring periodic check-ins to understand new ways to impact revenue and customer satisfaction.

“We know who our guests are, which products are relevant to them, how to tailor our messaging in order to connect directly, and have the ability to engage with them outside of the restaurant level.”

Powerful stuff from the Patxi’s team. Robert and Silvana pretty much describe exactly how a high performing loyalty program should operate. Identify customers, provide relevant content, tailor messaging, and build 1-to-1 relationships. Excellent work by Patxi’s – certianly a brand on the rise and one to watch.

For more information on the Patxi’s Pizza loyalty program, check out the article for the full story. I myself am going to go grab a slice of deep dish pizza.

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